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Beautiful sunny day on Friday. Went for a wander with my new camera. Photographed portraits of people I met along the beachfront and asked them about lockdown.


I miss live culture and look forward to that returning, however lockdown has renewed my appreciation of nature and the flow of the seasons, for that I am very grateful. We are lucky to live where we do.


It's difficult for everyone but I think it's a great time to really focus on ourselves, to reconnect with the things and people we really love, find a new balance!


Debbie & Blossom

Lockdown for me has felt a bit like a rebirth – messy and painful, but ultimately an amazing and powerful event. I can’t wait to get back into a movie theatre – I know, haven’t I been locked up enough?! I just look forward to being able to watch the big screen with other people munching on popcorn!


I can’t lie, this lockdown is tough. It’s the worst of the trilogy. Finding motivation is very tricky, some days I beat myself up over not having achieved as much as I would like. I’ve found I can work through those feelings, whilst I might not be 100% productive, I have started to be much kinder to myself. It’s a hard time already, you don’t need to make life even harder for yourself. Little steps are still progress.


For me lockdown has been a time of healing. Last year I was battling cancer so it gave me the opportunity to know myself a little better and value life no matter what. 

Jordan (right) & Alan

Actually lockdown is crazy. The thing is it doesn't let anyone work. That's what everyone wants. Training and exercise have helped me during lockdown.


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