Documentary Films

The first documentary I made was about the weekend when Mods and Rockers invaded Brighton beach in 1964. It was the 40th anniversary so I tracked down a Mod and a Rocker who were 16 years old at the time. They recounted their memories of the infamous battle and their stories were broadcast on BBC Sussex radio.

After producing a series of audio stories for 'Inside Lives' on BBC Sussex, I borrowed a camera and made my first documentary film. It showcased a local scratch DJ called JFB. On the strength of this film I was commissioned to make further short documentaries and was eventually offered the role of Video Nation Producer.

One of my first films was about homelessness. A woman called Maggie recounted her stories of sleeping rough on the streets of Brighton. The film went on to win a Webby award.

For another interesting assignment I produced a series of 25 short documentaries about mental health and wellbeing with contributors from around the UK for the BBC Headroom campaign.

At Mind Mental Health Media Awards, BBC Headroom won both New Media Award and a special ‘Making a Difference’ Award. Also crowned at Ability Media International awards.

A short documentary film I made about dementia called ‘Make it work for You’ was shown at Edinburgh International Film Festival.

I was one of a select few filmmakers invited to the BFI premiere of Britain in a Day. My directing and camerawork featured in this iconic BBC 2 documentary that was Exec Produced by Ridley Scott.

Monkey Menace is my debut feature documentary. I produced, directed and shot the film on location over a period of six years, following the exploits of Delhi's misbehaving monkeys and Dr Iqbal Malik, India's first female primatologist. It's won one award and was nominated at several other international film festivals and won one award.